AFFECTIVE DISORDERS (depression, bipolar and anxiety together)


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      AFFECTIVE DISORDERS (depression, bipolar and anxiety together) PERSONALISED MEDICAL TREATMENT
      • Innovative genomic test for affective disorders (depression, bipolar and anxiety together) personalised medical treatment to explore how your genes can affect and modulate your response to any drugs that may be prescribed to treat your medical condition. This medical test is scientifically based on the fact that the response and speed of metabolism of any given drug are not at the same level between any two individuals as they do not have the same genetic background. This type of personalised medicine testing is important to help your family doctor or your treating specialist to prescribe effective, safe medications for your specific disease and adjust your medicament dosage to be consistent with your genetic makeup.
      • This genomic test is recommended if you have been diagnosed with affective disorders (depression, bipolar and anxiety together), and you have been prescribed certain medicines to treat your medical condition.
      • You will be provided with a DNA assessment kit that contains all the necessary materials and instructions to have your DNA sample taken without any pain or stress.
      • You will be able to take your DNA sample in the comfort of your home (or you can get your treating GP or specialist to take it for you in the clinic). Afterwards, you can simply post the DNA sample back, in the provided prepaid envelope, to Genomic Medicine UK laboratory in London.
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      This genomic DNA test assesses your genetic response to all of the following prescription medications:

      • Alprazolam
      • Amitriptyline
      • Amoxapine
      • Aripiprazole
      • Asenapine
      • Atenolol
      • Atomoxetine
      • Bupropion
      • Buspirone
      • Carbamazepine
      • Chlordiazepoxide
      • Citalopram
      • Clomipramine
      • Clonazepam
      • Clonidine
      • Desipramine
      • Desvenlafaxine
      • Diazepam
      • Doxepin
      • Duloxetine
      • Escitalopram
      • Gabapentin
      • Hydroxyzine
      • Fluoxetine
      • Fluvoxamine
      • Iloperidone
      • Imipramine
      • Isocarboxazid
      • Lamotrigine
      • Levetiracetam
      • Lithium
      • Lorazepam
      • Maprotiline
      • Meprobamate
      • Methylphenidate
      • Mirtazapine
      • Modafinil
      • Nadolol
      • Nefazodone
      • Nortriptyline
      • Olanzapine
      • Oxazepam
      • Oxcarbazepine
      • Paliperidone
      • Paroxetine
      • Perphenazine
      • Phenelzine
      • Prochlorperazine
      • Propranolol
      • Protriptyline
      • Quetiapine
      • Risperidone
      • Selegiline
      • Sertraline
      • Tiagabine
      • Topiramate
      • Tramadol
      • Tranylcypromine
      • Trazodone
      • Trifluoperazine
      • Trimipramine
      • Valproic acid
      • Venlafaxine
      • Verapamil
      • Vilazodone
      • Ziprasidone
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      • How does your genetic background influence your response to the drugs that may be prescribed to treat your medical condition?
      • Which drugs are the most efficient to treat your medical condition, and which ones are the least efficient according to your DNA profile?
      • Are there any drugs to your medical condition, which may pose a safety concern because of your genetic background?
      • What are the optimal medicament doses to treat your medical condition in line with your genomic makeup?
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      • Knowing which medicine is more efficient and safer to treat your medical condition will empower your treating doctor to adapt your treatment plan to suit you better.
      • Personalised medical treatments are the future of medical practice.
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      If you your genomic testing showed that you require referral to a specialist consultant, we will provide you, at no cost to you, with a referral letter to a specialist consultant from our wide network of independent doctors all around the United Kingdom. Our referral letter will give the specialist consultant all the needed details to take care of your clinical case, according to the results of the genomic tests you have had at Genomic Medicine UK.

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      • This advanced genomic test is carried out by cutting-edge next-generation DNA sequencing technology at our ISO9000 certified and accredited laboratory.
      • All test results are interpreted and reported in London by our highly qualified licenced consultant medical doctors.
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      If you prefer to visit Genomic Medicine UK instead of having your genomic test by post, as explained above, you are most welcome to book a suitable appointment for you to visit our premises in central London where our fully trained and friendly staff will be more than happy to take your DNA sample in one of our outpatients’ clinics in Harley Street.



    Innovative genomic test for affective disorders (depression, bipolar and anxiety together) personalised medical treatment to explore how your genes …